Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Emeli Sande Read All About It Part 3 Lyrics

You lit my fire once again...thank you Cathy...

Emile Sande Read All About It is a wonderful song of encouragement that a dear friend sent me... her message was used to strike the match that lit my fire caused me to open my eyes and listen to my spirit that has been lying dorment for way too long...thank you from the bottom of my heart for stirring up the warrior in me struck the match that will light the fire that causes me to speak the words that have been held in prison for too long... Cathy, you have been used by the Potter's Hand to stir the pot...i thank you and will always treasure our friendship... GBY always...i love you girl!! well, for now,let's just say....I'm coming baaaaa-aaaack...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sunday, April 11, 2010


What do we do when we feel down, discouraged, defeated and just about ready to cave in calling it a day? i often wonder about the silent, invisible opponent that we contend with....he sure has a lot to say for an unseen force that tries to take us day you can feel like you've gained some momentum and the next it's like you've been in the ring and had the wind kicked out of you and you're down for the last many times will we let this adversary do us in? how many times will we fall prey this whispering, invisible character who has spoken in our ear to make us feel inadequate, ashamed, unloved, guilty, and a number of other things?
i think it's time to take this battle to the next level....let's take this madness and make a decision to go for the gold!!!! let's find a new way to fight this battle and see our way clear into a new day of joy, happiness, peace and lots of love!
start the day off by reminding yourself that you serve the only Master who loves you and will do anything to bring you to the place of peace....then as the day progresses remind yourself how much you deserve all the good things that belong to you by the adoptive power you've been given from your Heavenly Father....the One who is good, kind, loving ,faithful and true....
let's make a decision to not listen to all dark thoughts, misconceptions,and all things that are discouraging, unkind, unloving and hurtful....let's take a journey down the path that brings life, strength, faithfulness, goodness, grace, mercy and love of a true kind....only the truth will allow you to find your new day that's been built on love....if you desire to be filled with the greatest love in all the world, just ask the Master for it....
then together, we'll walk down that path daily and find the greatest love that's's time to recognize we don't have to accept anything less but His loving kindness....
come on, take the hand of the Master...His love is the greatest of all, He'll start you off each day filling you with true joy, peace and, now that's the way to begin your day....every day will be like a brand new day....

Saturday, October 24, 2009


did you ever watch sand passing through an hourglass? as a kid i used to love watching the sand fall over and over again. funny thing is,i never noticed how much time passed as each grain held me captive seeing it fall into little piles.
sand falling again and again mimics the minutes that add up to hours that we lose when gone unnoticed.
it's been said,as we get older we're more aware of how quick time passes by. but haven't you noticed that even the young are complaining about how it's flying?
why do you think that is? isn't it because life keeps us in a whirlwind of busyness? are we to allow time to move us like waves that are tossed to and fro pushing and shoving us as it wills?
my friend,time can be a tremendous blessing if we let it, and i think it's time to take "time" seriously! we need to take time by the hand (no pun intended)and make it work for us...
we also need to choose carefully the most important things that are required of us. in doing so we need to look at time as being powerful. and use it to gain back the time we've lost. don't let your time get washed away by every wave that comes on shore.
so what do you say,do you want to start managing your time wisely?....remember, don't let the sand mesmerize you,and make sure each grain is accounted for!
check your watches my friend....we don't want to waste anymore valuable time!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


have you ever thought about what happens when you dig a hole?
i never recognized the importance of digging one, until i saw how it actually alters everything around it....
i know it sounds crazy, but stay with me on this one and think about it for just a moment.....
a hole is made by removing dirt from a specific area, large or small.
obviously you remove the dirt to make room for something else.....and then you have to take that same dirt, place it somewhere, adding it to something. both times something is added, thus, altering it's original appearance....
where am i going with this, you might ask?.......well, let me say it this way....sometimes we have to dig holes in areas of our lives that need shifting or removal.....when that happens, it's most likely not a bad thing......i would venture to say that whatever is being removed is actually making room for something new and exciting! just think of this alteration as a makeover!! just remove some old dirt and lay it on an area that needs rebuilding or raising up in order to take a step up to see from a different perspective! and then, fill your empty hole with some seeds that will produce life so you can share it with others.....
so then, why not begin looking at this hole as a new season in your life.....and see the extra dirt as a way for you to build a hill to step up onto higher ground! while you're up there see the world from a different point of view!
hopefully, after today a hole will never look the same to you again!!! and with that said, why don't we get out our shovels and start digging a hole? do you realize we could change the world one hole at a time!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


in the beginning of 2009 i was reminded about angels and the important part they play in our daily lives. with that in mind, i seriously began to contemplate it more and more and before long, i suddenly found myself in "feather feather land" stumbling on constant feather findings!
they'd be on my kitchen floor, in my bathroom, on my porch, and in my pool.
i must admit my wild imagination had me thinking "could these feathers be "angel" feathers?
as i found my feather floating in the pool today, i questioned if all these feathers could possibly have a common denominator? and what i realized was this....sometimes we think we have all the answers. at least that's what i thought when i imagined that every feather i found was probably one of my angel's feathers falling out and floating down to earth while going through some great battle with darkness!!
yet, in light of it all , i can see how every feather i found may not have been from my envisioned angelic hosts. but nevertheless, these were clear, simple signs for me to follow.
and the most important thing to remember is this...they all pointed me back to what i was reminded of months ago. we all have been given angels (yes, with feathered wings) who walk with us daily to protect and fight for us....and as childish as that may seem to some, truth be told my friend, this is an absolute wondrous and precious gift. we should be thankful for our heavenly feathered friends as they do their job of protecting and doing battle for us........
so, always be aware of your private posse of angels...and the next time you find a feather, think heavenly thoughts! you never know when your angels are battling for you in the heavens and sending a reminder by dropping a feather in flight~~~~~~~~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


did you ever feel alone in a room filled with people? or when there's a party going on you may feel you're on the outside looking in? what about not being picked on a sports team in school? maybe you were overlooked for a promotion? ever have days like that?
i know you may not believe it, but everyone experiences some form of rejection at least once in their lifetime...
and yes, it's a painful feeling thinking no one cares about you or recognizes your gifts or talents.
but maybe this is not really rejection as you know it.
can you for a moment stop and consider it may not be others who are rejecting you , but maybe you're rejecting yourself, simply by not seeing your "true" self-worth?
the truth my friend is , you have been duped! you have believed an age old lie......
you see, what's behind all of this rejection is fear ! fear lies and tells you no one cares about you, you're not good enough, you don't fit in, you have no friends, you're not pretty enough, talented enough......are you getting my point?
well it's time to take that fear and turn it in for some good old fashioned truth!
don't let fear whip you and tear you down......take that fear and make it bow it's knee and come under subjection to the truth!!! and the truth is that you are worthy to be a vital part of life and you were called to be planted in a strategic place... did you know you are worth more than silver or gold in the eyes of your creator? anything other than that is a nasty lie....
listen, we all have areas that need work, but focusing on the down side only brings bad results! focus on the good things about yourself!
see yourself as one who is a victor! one who can take on a challenge and jump over it like deer who's feet can take them through rocky mountains!
come on, we all face challenges in life, why not refocus and see yourself as the one who wins instead of loses? you can do it!! anyone can, you just have to decide you want to sprint to the finish line! remember, if you're going to run the race, it's just a matter of giving it your best shot......that's what really counts. truth be told, we're all winners to someone!
so why not take a stand and see yourself strong and courageous? just look fear and rejection in the eye and tell them they have to find another resting place because you're evicting them!!! hang up the"no vacancy"sign and tell those losers you've just rented their room to a winner!!!
oh! one last thing, don't forget to thank your creator for who you are and how you were made, after all, you're perfect in the sight of the master seriously ask yourself, who's opinion really matters most? doesn't the potter love his creation more than anything? then, why not take his hand and celebrate with him and be happy for who you were created to be?
come on.......let's turn up the music and do the victory dance together!

Monday, July 13, 2009


today can be a day of wonders if you'll let it......has it been raining in your world more than you like? did you know even the darkest clouds in the sky can have a small speck of light if you let your eyes adjust and focus right?.....when you see the dark clouds forming overhead, don't fret that you're hair will frizz or your make-up will run if drenched by a heavenly downpour.....

if rain is inevitable, then why not look straight up, find that little speck where it's brighter and smile? so what if your hair frizzes? so what if your make-up gets smudged or your suit get's water stains.....think for a what if your outside gets a little that really who you are? the outside doesn't declare who you know that's not the real you!
look deeper than the outside my friend.....what you're made of comes from within....
do you feel like you've lost who you are in the rains of life? or maybe you got "smudged" through those storms?
why not let the rain from heaven pour out and wash away those things you think you're made of, and let the purifying rain saturate and fill you with all you need on the inside! then you will see who you really are and become who you were created to be!
there's nothing like a good infilling of rain from heaven! so throw away your umbrella and go dancing and singing in a heavy downpour!
hmmm, i think i hear the sound of rain!!
come on.... let's go get soaked!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


how many rivers flow into places that can't be seen with your natural eyes? crazy question? well maybe it's a strange one to some, but to others rivers can show our own reflection and are more significant than we realize if we look with our spirit's eye, just ask my Master....

a river can flow wherever it's led. for instance, it can make many roads, large or small, fat or thin. in the natural it can rush through a path of green grass causing the grass to be flooded and cease to grow. it can push it's way over and through dry dirt where acorns once dropped, and bury them so they can begin their growing process. or it can stand still soaking up the warmth of the sunshine one day and become overflowing from a storm of massive rain pouring down another . one never knows the many paths of river water. but what do you say we use our spirit's eye to look (and think) like our Master for a moment and picture this river? picture it with nothing in it's way. nothing surrounding it that we can see, but resting in the sunshine twinkling and glistening like diamonds doing a dance from the gentle breeze that's coming from nowhere...can you see it? imagine, for a moment you were like that river. nothing stopping you from going anywhere, nothing pushing you making waves of frustration. nothing forcing you to move forward or back, but just resting peacefully as you glisten in the sunlight enjoying every moment with no distractions. wouldn't we all like to have a life like that?

i believe some of us are yearning for that kind of place but don't know how to get there. others are there but don't know what to do there......and yet, others are there who are being moved by it's flow and are in fear they'll never find that place again if they float away.

my Master says there's a place like that for us all if we dare go there and sit with him and soak up the water. his river has everything we need. it's beautiful and enviting. it's refreshing and peaceful. it's is filled with life and brings healing to our minds, bodies and spirit.

we just have to dip in. why don't you take a good look at the river? study it, it won't overwhelm or overtake you. this river brings life in it's richest form.
do you know you can drink from this river? my Master invites all to drink from it. you may ask, what kind of drink does he offer us? well for one he says if we drink his water we'll never thirst again.....isn't that amazing? how can we never be thirsty again? when his water fills us up it goes into every part of our being, it touches every part of our body, mind and spirit. and the more we drink of it the more refreshed we feel. it's life giving water. it's water that flows from the Master's kingdom. it's beyond the water we know here on earth. this water is supernatural and it flows from the river of God. it comes in a rain that flows from heaven and can never be duplicated by anyone. it can only come from my Master's hand.

when you go to the river you can stay for awhile and get refreshed and feel the warmth of the sun. and other times there's a gentle breeze that blows and you begin to move to another place. only the Master knows where the river is leading you, but there's no fear there because you trust the Master. this river brings you to new adventures. it's where the purposes and plans are waiting to help you flow in your different journeys of life.

ah yes, the journeys of the river can be exciting. but do you want to go with the flow? do you want to take a ride on the waves of life? will you let the water carry you into new places? these are the greatest moments of your life. don't stand still in the river too long, or you'll become stagnant and begin to grow moss! learn to keep moving in the river of your journey. let the Master refresh you with this water that quenches your thirst for life. only his water can carry you to places that will change you and make you who you were created to be. look up at the Master and hear him blowing on the waters. the wind is sent to keep you moving to new places and conquering old habits that have kept you from moving ahead. let the rain that fills the river flow over you and cleanse you from old thoughts and old ideas. let the rain refresh and fill you up till you overflow in the river and get carried away by that overflow. it's the overflow that will push you into your destiny. and your destiny is what will help you to be set free and you can show others how to get to the river for a drink!

so what do you say? wanna sip and take a dip???? come on in, the water's fine!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Life can be so complicated. Sometimes we wonder what is it really all about? Is it about where we live, the clothes we wear, are we good enough, or who likes us or doesn't like us? These are the typical questions everyone asks themselves at one time or another in their life, right?
Today is no different then it was generations ago when the most important man walked this earth, guiding and leading others into the truth of what it's really all about.
He knew when life threw you lemons, you just made lemonaide (so-to-speak)...He knew that people pointed fingers at each other for their differences and He responded by just walking away forgiving them and reminding us not to judge others the way others may have judged us in the past.....
So, where does that leave us today? Can we still follow those simple rules, or is there something that keeps us from walking in His footsteps?
One thing that makes life burdensome is wearing critical, judgmental glasses while looking at others. That can be a false assessment at times and it opens the door that will just bring strife into our lives. The fact is, we'll reap what we sow. This means we shouldn't judge others because, let's face it, we don't want others to judge us, right? I guess we should ask ourselves, are we more interested in being like everyone else, or do we want to be more like Him, our Master? Do we want to be a reflection of truth, or do we want to be like the world and all their criticisms? And, do we truly want to be free to become like our Master?
What we need is to become like the caterpillar. Judging from the outside he looks nothing like what he was originally created to be. He spends his beginning days crawling on the earth looking for his next meal as all bugs do. One could never imagine he'd morph into the beautiful specimen he becomes. Yet for him life isn't as easy as it appears once he hibernates in his cocoon. Why that could end up being his coffin if he doesn't fight for his life!!!
Now let's take a step back and see how one could easily judge this creature from the standpoint of seeing him as just another bug crawling on the ground, having no value, beauty or worth. And yet, if this tiny, seemingly insignificant caterpillar doesn't fight for his life with every ounce of strength in him (which by the way, no one would ever imagine he had it in him), he will lose it, never gaining the freedom that awaited him.......nor will he reflect the beauty that was meant to be viewed by many in an array of splendor created by the Master's hand.
Who would ever think that little bug had the potential to become an amazing butterfly and bring life to many as it carries it's beauty to different parts of this great earth!
Do you realize it plays it's part in life just as we do? We are meant to bring beauty to many lives on earth or we can waste our time and breath criticizing and judging one another, keeping us from reaching our goal and possibly causing us to quit before our time, never fulfilling the plan and purpose we were created for.
And we don't want to be like everyone else because that just makes us boring! What is the purpose of being the same if it doesn't change things or bring life to someone?
How can we become a beautiful tapestry if we are all the same? How can we learn from others if we all do the same thing? We were created to change things and be a reflection of beauty for others to see...we are to fight for our lives so we can fly to the darkest areas that need light to bring a new hope and strength to them. To teach them how to fight for their lives and help others. It's a chain of command given to us by our Master.
We were created to be different, and yet blend together, not making carbon copies of each other, but to work intricately together . For what, you may ask? To become a great work, a beautiful tapestry created by our Master's hand.
Think about it for a moment, life is just a drop of rain compared to a rainstorm! Think of the bigger picture that awaits us. If we are careful not to be consumed by the cares of this world we will reap a bountiful harvest here on earth becoming that work of art, that tapestry, and we will bring glory to our Master. We can make a beautiful difference by taking what we have that seems like nothing to some, but fighting with all our strength to become that butterfly and be loosed to touch many who's lives are eagerly waiting for us to fly by.
So what do you say? Come on, let's fly together and make a beautiful work of art for our Master!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

in a day of unsettledness, people are scattering to and fro wondering where to go~~~many run here and there, seeking a place to rest. but where is rest? is it in a place to go, a place to run off to, a place to gather with friends or loved ones? i think not, though they can be places to find rest for a moment, what about real rest? rest for the weary, rest for your soul?it's in that place where the Master is found~~the Master of all the universe, the Great One, the Only One, the One who is the first and the last, the One who is in love with you and who cares about you and everything you do. seek His rest. find Him in a quiet moment as you escape the hustle and bustle of the day. seek Him and He shall be found, not in the wind, not in the rain, but in the quiet place in your soul where the emptiness needs filling....He's there, just glance into His eyes, feel His warm arms around's in the silence...He's there, He's waiting, He's looking at you now. He's in love with you, you're His masterpiece. He created you with a touch of His love coming from His heart. He yearns for you to see Him as He is and for who He is.....will you gaze into His eyes for a moment? will you linger in His presence as He beckons the call to fall in love with Him? yes, my friend, He loves you with all that is within Him, inspite of what you may have done, or who others think you are....He loves YOU, it's that simple......take a moment and be still and in the quiet nothingness , hear Him whisper "I love you"~~~~~~~~~~


children's eyes

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i took one look at Him with children's eyes~~it's the only way to see my Master in truth for who He is. you will fall in love with Him ~~~He is captivating, and He will captivate you too with one glance, when you look into His eyes...His eyes speak, they show His heart, a heart of unconditional love that never ends....take a peek, you'll never be the same~~~